How to Avoid Getting a Computer Virus

What Is A Virus?
There are two kinds of viruses, a biological one, and a computer virus. For the purposes of this article, we will be focused on the latter. According to the dictionary, a virus is defined as an infective agent that is able to self-multiply and sustain itself, usually with effect that it causes destruction within its area of activity. To sustain itself, the virus needs a host cell upon which it can settle as a parasite. Whichever cell has been infected then goes on spread the virus onto other cells.

What Is A Computer Virus?
Much like a biological virus, a computer virus is also a code which is able to copy itself over and over again. While this attribute of viruses would at first seem harmless, it is very harmful to the health of a computer since all the data stored in it is at risk of being copied and distributed. While biological viruses need cells in order to move from one place to another, a computer virus can attach itself to a file or program through which it can apply its code.

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