Case Study

Discount Credit Repair Was Able to Create a Professional Brand Right from The Start

The Client

Discount Credit Repair is a new credit repair company that is looking to provide a fair and reasonable service in an industry that frequently has companies that take advantage of customers. Their team has years of experience helping individuals in financial difficulties recover their credit to a point that allows them to purchase a home, get a job, and many other important life steps that would otherwise not be possible.

Discount Credit Repair Case Study | Business Branding Services

The Project

The main objective of Discount Credit Repair was to create a brand identity that would stand out and build trust with their audience. Up to this point, they had not built out their brand identity, and needed our assistance to think through all the details that go into a brand purpose, personality, and visual identity. They signed up with Liberte Tech to help them organize and clarify their brand identity and build a brand foundation that would carry them through the start-up phase of their business.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge is the fact that Discount Credit Repair was a brand-new company trying to break into an extremely competitive industry. We had to create a brand that would quickly capture attention and help them stand out from the crowd of other competitors.

Another challenge we faced was creating a brand that would convey honesty, trust, and reliability. We knew that Discount Credit Repair was unlike most other companies in the industry in the fact that they are under promising and over delivering – something that most customers are not used to or expecting from players in this industry.

The Execution

We worked closely with their team to design a visual identity paired with meaningful messaging that would connect with potential customers and help them understand that Discount Credit Repair is truly a friend in their corner trying to help at a fair and affordable price.

We were able to also work with them to create a professional look to their brand. So many other competitors had “cheap” looking branding, and we were able to help Discount Credit Repair stand out from the pack by simply looking more professional and trustworthy.

Discount Credit Repair Case Study | Business Branding Services

The Results

We delivered complete brand identity development. The logo and visual branding they wanted turned out exactly as they imagined. There were some revisions throughout the process, but in they end, they were beyond happy with the results. They received an updated logo, wordmarks, letter marks, combination marks, symbols, and more.

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