Case Study

River’s Edge Daycare Had an Outdated Website Full of Glitches That Needed to be Fixed

The Client

River’s Edge Daycare is a Montréal day care facility that focuses on helping children reach their full potential, enrich their world and dream for tomorrow. Founded in 2018 by the River’s Edge Church Community, they have now grown to be a vital member of the NDG neighborhood and a place where children love to learn, play, and grow.

The Project

River’s Edge Daycare reached out to us because the previous company that had built their website was out of business and their site was becoming outdated, corrupted, slow, and dysfunctional. And it also appeared that the previous company was using “black hat” SEO tactics (strategies against search engine guidelines, used to get a site ranking higher in search results) that were negatively affecting the performance of the website. Our goal was to fix all of these problems, update their website, and offer ongoing support that the previous company neglected to provide.

River's Edge Daycare Case Study | Website Design and Branding

The Challenges

The website was so out of date and backend plugins were so outdated, the website had been hacked, and needed to be completely rebuilt from the ground up. And once we fixed all of the glitches, our main objective at that point was to create a functional site that would be easy for parents and visitors to navigate, understand the available resources and programs, get their questions answered, and ultimately enroll their children.

The Execution

We worked closely with the day care’s administrative team to design a website that met all of their needs, conveyed all the information they wanted to share, and was visually stunning for website visitors. We used Oxygen Builder to create a responsive and fast website, added the proper security to their site to prevent future hacks, updated the SSL certificate, and helped them create secure login passwords.

River's Edge Daycare Case Study | Website Design and Branding

The Results

We delivered a website that was fun, full of color, and popped with inspiration. The site allows visitors to easily switch back and forth from English and French is clearly outlines their programs, resources, and philosophies regarding child development and education.

They were extremely happy to have an updated site that was built by a trusted partner they could rely on for future changes, improvements, and maintenance for their website.

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