Case Study

Route Carriers Created an Online Brand That Stands Out in The Competitive Trucking Industry

The Client

Route Carriers is a trucking company that has built a reputation on reliability. In an industry where companies come and go because they don’t deliver on customer expectations, Route Carriers has risen to the top by focusing on customer satisfaction. But it’s not just external customers they focus on. They also strive to provide an amazing and rewarding workplace for their internal customers as well – Their employees.

Route Carriers Case Study | Website Design and Branding Agency

The Project

When Route Carriers approached us, their main objective was to revamp their outdated website and at the same time create a new brand identity that not only looked more professional but would help them stand out in a competitive industry.

The Challenges

Route Carriers had never really taken the time to think through the fundamental of their brand and understand how those can and should guide top level initiatives such as brand messaging, visual brand identity, marketing campaigns, hiring campaigns, and more.

They had also never truly analyzed the competition and industry landscape to see how they stack up, where they are better, and where they can improve. Knowing this critical information was key to developing a website that converts and overall visual branding that connects with the target audience and stands out in a crowded industry.

The Execution

Our team performed extensive SWAT analysis, audience research, and industry analysis to identify and narrow in on a true avatar within trucking industry that is looking for exactly what they provide. Armed with this information, we started building a website, designing a logo, and creating brand identity that effectively conveyed who Route Carriers is, and what they provide.

The Results

Route Carriers left our engagement with complete brand identity development. They loved the professional, unique, and relatable look of their new marketing assets, website, and logo. Now they have a brand identity they can be proud to display and promote.

Specifically for their website, we used Gatsby.js and Tailwind CSS as a CSS framework and hosted their site for free with Netlify. This made their website much faster compared to a typical WordPress website because Gatsby has incredible image optimization, and all of the static files were hosted on the CDN.

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